Adriatic Hotel

The expressions of Rovinj’s art scene



Picturesque images

When people imagine a picturesque, small, timeless Mediterranean town, they most often conjure up narrow streets, lined with narrow stone houses, adorned with colorful shutters.

Between each house flaps a line of freshly washed clothes hung out to dry, offering shade to a cat snoozing in a flowerpot of oleander. Maybe they don’t realise it, but they have just thought of Rovinj.


A timeless Mediterranean town

Rovinj really is the timeless Mediterranean town. Located on the western coast of Istria and surrounded by a picturesque archipelago of small islands, Rovinj is very old, it is thought to have been established between the 3rd and 5th centuries. The tides of history have left their mark in the appearance of the old center, whose charming architecture sparks the imagination and with each step inspires all those who love beauty. Maybe this is why Rovinj has always appreciated art. Rovinj’s narrow streets are full of surprises— little niches overlooking the blue sea, art galleries, and museums.


Reflection of art

Rovinj has also been a town of prosperous people for a long time and towards the sea and the archipelago the narrow streets open up to a series of palaces built in the 18th and 19th centuries. Each mansion harmoniously adds to the town’s old architecture, reflecting the lavish and luxurious way of life of the former elite. And in one such residence, on the main town square, is Hotel Adriatic, a place of elegance and a reflection of Rovinj’s art scene. Hotel Adriatic has been open since 1913, when the Löffler family from Vienna converted the earlier palace into a hotel that met the highest standards of the day.


Art aficionados invited

Hotel Adriatic embodies the heart of Rovinj. On the ground floor is the bar with the most varied selection of whiskey in Croatia and the Caffe Adriatic, where you can rest your eyes on the blue and green shades of the Adriatic and the visible islands. In our restaurant Brasserie Adriatic you can enjoy local food inspired by the century-old tradition of the hotel and by the flavors of the French Riviera.

The interior of the hotel will immediately remind you of the town’s artistic legacy — every corner, including every room, welcomes you with a piece of art, one of 100 commissioned from 14 global artists who found their inspiration in the motifs of the town and hotel. Another kind of art is waiting for you beyond the galleries, ateliers and exhibitions— the art of good food.

Impressive art expression

A symbol of the rich tradition of art in Rovinj, Hotel Adriatic is an expression of the local’s century-old love for the finer things, it is the expression of Rovinj’s art scene.