Armerun Heritage Hotel & Residences

Moments Collected



Collecting Beautiful Moments

Armerun Heritage Hotel & Residences is a place that invites you to come and create precious memories in Šibenik, a coastal city full of valuable history. In the past, families used to keep their valuables in chests and cupboards. That’s why Armerun, whose name means “cupboard” is the perfect place for precious moments. Located in the heart of Šibenik, Armerun Heritage Hotel & Residences preserves the memories of its rich past, while inviting you to create new memories in the city of King Petar Krešimir IV.


City with Two UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Šibenik is a combination of extraordinary architectural achievements, refinement and authentic experiences. It is one of the five cities in the world where there are two monuments on the UNESCO World Heritage list, the Fortress of St. Nicholas and the Cathedral of St. Jacob.

The Šibenik Cathedral is the most famous symbol of the city, a structure where Gothic and Renaissance styles intertwine. It was built of stone, without the use of mortar, and is woven into the living stone of Šibenik’s history for new generations. A special feature of the cathedral is the facade decorated with a series of 71 stone portraits of its builder Juraj Dalmatinac’s contemporaries.


Preserving the Heritage

Armerun Heritage Hotel & Residences is located on the site of a Dominican monastery from the 14th century and the old town fish market, peskaria. Part of the rooms and on the exterior facade have stone walls from the 18th century. These preserved stone walls make this hotel notable, but its beauty is expressed from the inside as well as from the outside.

The monastery artifacts displayed in the space provide an authentic experience. They consist of various stone fragments from the 15th to 17th centuries, as well as elements such as columns and the crowns of wells, and in one room there is even an old stone sink.


Memorable Authenticity

Šibenik offers a unique experience of relaxation in the nearby Krka and Kornati national parks and an unforgettable view from its four fortresses. The Fortress of St. Nicholas was built in the 16th century and was part of a series of six Venetian defensive forts from Lombardy to the coast of Montenegro, thus opening the city to the flow of innovation.

In Buta, the hotel’s restaurant, known for its superb breakfast offer, you can choose among thirty gastronomic specialties from various world cuisines. Each dish is prepared from seasonal and local ingredients, from domestic eggs to indigenous cheeses and prosciutto. The restaurant owes its name to one of Šibenik’s many narrow passages, and in that passage next to the hotel there is also a small chapel.


Feel Enriched

Our minds and hearts are like cupboards where we keep our most precious memories. Discover the historical sights of Šibenik. Feel as if you are a part of Renaissance Šibenik, but enriched with the precious experiences of the modern age.