art’otel Zagreb

Where art meets hotel



Authentic Beauty

This hotel is an integral part of Zagreb’s vista. It fits perfectly, like a puzzle piece. It is the frame through which Zagreb’s unique urban beauty is projected, while a look inside reveals the beauty of comfort that guests want.

art’otel Zagreb reveals the beauty of art and inspires the creation of one’s own artistic expression. Constructed in 1929, the hotel’s building is one of the most beautiful examples of Zagreb’s art déco architecture, designed by the famous atelier Freudenreich&Deutsch. The harmonious elements that adorn its unique facade invite you to stop for a moment and witness the beauty that art offers.


Historical Part of Zagreb

It is fitting that the building of art’otel Zagreb was created under the influence of the art déco style. Through the name of the hotel and its artistic direction, the concept of the hotel is one that permeates the celebration of art. The hotel is located in the very heart of the city, a few minutes from the main city square. This part of the city is special because different stylistic periods intertwine, from classicism, historicism, and art nouveau, to elements of modern architecture. The famous architects and builders Rudolf Lubinsky and Hönigsberg&Deutsch, have all left their indelible marks here.


Heritage Doesn’t Age

Respecting the heritage of its location, our hotel fits harmoniously into the monumental aesthetic of the city center, as envisioned by Milan Lenuci, the originator of the idea of the green horseshoe. Right here, just a few steps from our hotel, a walk through Zagreb’s parks and the century-old avenues of sycamore trees begins, whose rich crowns form the green canopy of Zrinjevac Park, offering a space of perfect peace and relaxation.


Feel Zagreb's Art Beat

The hotel houses the works of Boris Bućan, one of the most prominent Croatian artists whose exhibits have graced many of the world’s museums and galleries, such as MoMA New York and the Tate Modern gallery in London.

Art is present in the richness of flavors and aromas of the Yezi restaurant, offering a modern interpretation of Asian cuisine. Art can also be found in the imaginatively prepared cocktails of our rooftop bar, which offers an unforgettable view of Zagreb’s cityscape.


Zagreb’s Creative Spark

Making art means finding the beauty of the moment. Our hotel invites you to follow humanity’s artistic traditions and create your own artistic expression, one that blends with Zagreb’s uniqueness: a framework that invites inner fulfillment.