Emotheo Heritage Hotel

Celebrating Imotski, a place of joy and strength



Warm Stone, Living Water

The name of our hotel draws on the historic and cultural legacy of Imotski. First mentioned by the Byzantine Emperor Constantine VII Porphyrogenet in 950 as the Croatian parish of Emothe, whose seat was in Imotski. At the Emotheo Heritage Hotel, we celebrate the town of Imotski and the natural elements that shaped the spirit and character of its people. Healthy, cheerful, smiling, generous, and at the same time strong, durable, steadfast, and indomitable.


Scenic Beauty

There are paths that follow the light of the Sun and the Moon, the mountains and the stone, the lake and the river, the flight of eagles and clouds. On one such path sits our hotel in the town of Imotski. It rests right next to the Blue Lake, in the middle of this mountain town, granting us a spectacular view of stone and water, stretching across the Imotski field to the peaks of the proud mountain Biokovo. All of which is part of Geopark Biokovo-Imotski Lake, listed of UNESCO world geoparks.


Revealing Historical Imotski

Thousands of years before Christ, the Dalmatians, an Illyrian tribe, after whom the region of Dalmatia is named, inhabited the area of ​​present-day Imotski. Many megalithic buildings and monuments testify to the continuity of life and culture here.

The architecture and details inside the hotel combine history, tradition and contemporary expression, along with artwork and photographs that evoke the beautiful ambience of the Imotski region, from the warm colors of stone and wood to the blue of the water and sky. The interior is inspired by the stories and legends of Imotski, represented by many artifacts and notable details, such as the depiction of a folk dance carved into the stone that makes up the hotel’s reception.


Cherishing Tradition

We want ensure our guests feel comfortable and welcome. And we always welcome you here with open hearts, ready to offer the best we have. In the Tri sunca restaurant and bar we delight with top-quality, indigenous wines like kujundžuša and trnjak, and amazing food prepared with local ingredients and inspired by traditional, family recipes. Amid beautiful surroundings and scenery, our hotel refreshes, while also invigorating guests with its rich offer of outdoor activities, like running, hiking, fishing or cycling.


A Place of Joy and Strength

Arriving in Imotski is an escape to a different form of vacation. A type of rest that returns you to your true essence with the simplicity and beauty of life. The warm stone of Imotski seems to restore a person’s strength, and the deep waters of the lake and the endless purity of the River Vrljika refresh the mind and calm the spirit.

Welcome to Imotski, welcome to Emotheo Heritage Hotel, a place of joy and strength.