Grand Hotel Brioni Pula A Radisson Collection Hotel

Inspired by Heritage, Designed for the Future.



Sense of Antiquity

All roads led to Rome, and the Romans came to Pula. Today, the influence of Ancient Rome can still be felt in this magnificent city. It’s at Grand Hotel Brioni Pula where the ancient world and the inspiring ambience of nature merge into an unforgettable experience.


Heavenly Beauty of Brioni

Our hotel is surrounded by a pine forest and located in the immediate vicinity of Brijuni National Park. In recent history, the hotel has been visited by political dignitaries, world-famous actors and musicians, such as members of Boney M. and Abba.

Throughout history, the Brijuni islands were where wealthy Romans took refuge in the summer, constructing their seasonal villas. The archipelago will surprise you with its impressive traces of dinosaurs, the ruins of a Roman villa, luxurious flora and fauna, and a safari park with zebras, llamas, elephants and fallow deer.


Feel the Pulse of Pula

Grand Hotel Brioni Pula is heir to Rome’s ancient heritage and this inspiring location. Pula is home to the world’s largest archeological find of amphora. The Pula amphitheater is the sixth largest in the world, but the only one in which all three Roman architectural orders have been fully preserved. Step into the Arena, follow the path of Roman gladiators, feel their unwavering spirit. Step into the role of an ancient citizen as you scale the stone steps. Imagine the sounds of the crowd watching the games with rapt attention two thousand years ago.

As you pass under the imposing Arch of Sergius, stop to look at the richly decorated reliefs. Enter the atmosphere of timelessness while enjoying the beautiful heritage and refined ambience of our hotel. Inside, we revive the spirit of antiquity with works of local artists, completing the space with art, sculptures and unique ceramics. This feeling of timeless beauty, it stays with you.


Inspired by Heritage

Every experience at the Grand Hotel Brioni Pula is carefully designed. The elements in the interior reflect the ancient heritage of the city, from floor coverings of Botticino Bianco stone, the same stone used to construct many monuments in Rome, to authentic wooden paneling in our bar. The wellness experience will provide you with cleansing enjoyment and leisure, just as the best thermal Roman baths once did. Signature treatments include gemstone massages, and a Himalayan salt wall relaxation room, ready to rejuvenate your body and mind.

An impressive sunset viewed from the hotel unites the entire palette of red and yellow, filling each guest with inspiration from the unbridled creativity of nature itself.


Etched in Memory

Despite the passage of time, the essence of this place has not changed. Therefore, people seeking beauty, fine food, and enjoyment still visit Pula today. Grand Hotel Brioni Pula offers rich, ageless experiences that gracefully permeate our minds and create a strong impression in our souls. Experiences stay with you long after you leave.