Hotel Kazbek

Laid-back luxury in Dubrovnik’s historical summer residence



Relaxed elegance

Dubrovnik is a world-renowned destination. The image of its carved white stone, red tile roofs and the blue Adriatic, all of which mimic the city’s great medieval walls, is synonymous with the idea of a luxurious vacation on the old continent.

But Dubrovnik was not always just its Old Town, even during the halcyon days of the Republic. Rather than to only reside inside the Old Town, Dubrovnik’s noblemen preferred to spend time outside the walls, in rich, elegant summer residences. Today, these villas stand as a testament to life at a different, more refined, more leisurely pace.


Dubrovnik’s favorite summer residence

Hotel Kazbek is located in one of these summerhouses, on the coast of the Lapad peninsula in the safe and protected port of Gruž, a place famous for its long tradition of ship building. It is a place of relaxed luxury that reflects the spirit of leisure and enjoyment in the finer things in life: rest, tranquility, and peace brought by the sea and water.


Secluded retreat

Hotel Kazbek has managed to preserve the spirit of Mediterranean tranquility, and today the hotel is a quiet and secluded place whose environs and amenities deftly relax its guests. The staff here is always ready to satisfy every request. Each guest quickly feels as if they are in their own Mediterranean villa, and perhaps this is why Kazbek is often chosen by newly weds for their honeymoon.


Dubrovnik at a slower pace

In the hotel’s garden there is a swimming pool, while the Adriatic is mere meters away. A medieval shipbuilding site, where boats were once launched still stands by the sea.

Today it is a restaurant, offering excellent food and glasses of fine regional wines made from different varieties of grapes, such as mali plavac, pošip, and Dubrovnik malvasia.

Vibrant and serene at the same time

There are few places in the world where you can still feel such peace and quiet intimacy so close to one of the world’s largest tourist destinations.

Hotel Kazbek is such a place, a place that invites you to explore the slower and more private side of Dubrovnik, a place to experience relaxed luxury in Dubrovnik’s favorite summer residence.