Lešić Dimitri Palace

Where the silk road begins



One of the most significant urban settlements in the Adriatic

Blessed with a mild and almost subtropical climate, Korčula is warmer than any of the islands to the north. That is probably one of the reasons why the town of Korčula is one of the most significant urban settlements on the eastern Adriatic coast.

Korčula’s fortified walls used to protect its citizens from attacks and the stormy winds of the winter months. Remarkably, the unique architectural layout of its streets, resembling a fishbone allow summer breezes to cool the city down.


The interaction of the town with the sea

The interaction of the town with the sea extends to the nearby archipelago of islands, each of which has its own, unique story. These islands amaze those who choose to absorb their harmony of perfect shade and secluded pebble beaches.


The harmony between contrasts

The warren of little alleys, empty in winter and pulsing with life in the summer, is ideal for losing oneself, finding interesting company, or discovering a secret corner away from public eyes, just as it has been throughout the ages.

LD Restaurant

The gourmet experience in LD Restaurant, a Michelin star restaurant, can make any ordinary moment into a special celebration. The menu is inspired by the harmony of the traditional and modern, of wine and food, flavors and seasons.

LD Spa

For a true lightness of being, our guests can pamper themselves with thoroughly enjoyable experiences and practices that will help them harmonize the mind, body and soul. They can indulge in the therapeutic benefits of spa therapies offered by the palace’s Thai and Ayurveda therapists who are trained to world-class standards.


An exclusive retreat hidden within the walls

The Lešić Dimitri Palace is an exclusive retreat hidden within the walls of the medieval old town of Korčula. The 18th-century palace was lovingly restored for over five years and now offers luxury hotel accommodation, a Michelin starred restaurant, and a spa.

The interior design concept was inspired by Korčula’s most famous resident Marco Polo and his travels along the Silk Road. Styles and décor from the route’s different regions are integrated with the palace’s restored original features whose refined elegance evokes the rich and yet mystical history and culture of the Silk Road.


Experience the remarkable roots and scenic charm

We aim to establish fellowship with our guests through an intimate yet unobtrusive approach. Our goal is to provide you with a genuine taste of Korčula, delivered with personal generosity. This way, our guests experience the remarkable roots and scenic charm of this corner of the earth.


Immerse in the beauty of the place

In six design driven residences all those wishing to escape, create, relax or unwind can feel a real sense of place. Unlock your capacity to become fully immersed in the beauty of this place and we will make sure you leave with the sure feeling you have been somewhere special.