Martinis Marchi Hotel

Visionary legacy



The Martinis Marchi castle

The end of the 17th century was a dark time for the island of Šolta and the surrounding area. The threat of the Ottoman Empire loomed in the east, and from the south swarms of raiding pirates harassed the islands and coastline. But then, in those dark times, one family brought light to the island.
In 1703, Count Ivan Petar Marchi, along with his two brothers, was granted permission to build a castle on Šolta. The castle would serve to help protect the area from the threats it faced, and it did just that after being constructed in 1708.

Count Ivan Petar was also the founder of the Illiryan Academy, whose aim was to nurture and develop the Croatian language, while the family’s charitable institution Martinis Marchi offered free education to the poor or needy families of Split.


The enchanting island of Šolta

Located in the mesmerizing Maslinica Bay, a unique place where the echoes of a proud and visionary noble legacy are merged with the beautiful colors, scents, and flavors of the Mediterranean. The Martinis Marchi property is less than a thirty-minute boat ride from the Split airport or the centre of Split. Our fast, luxury Martinis Marchi I yacht transports you from the mainland to this island of unforgettable joy.


The enlightened legacy

Today, the Marchi Castle and Family House hosts the Martinis Marchi Heritage Hotel, Restaurant and Awarded Marina which continues to reflect the enlightened thinking of the Marchi noble family. The hotel spreads across 1500 square meters and is arranged in nine luxury and spacious suites, all with breathtaking sea views named after historical figures connected to the history of the castle, creating an impression of complete privacy and discrete luxury, as if the entire castle, surrounded by royal gardens, belongs only to you. Peace and light have always been welcome here, as evidenced by the skylights and the spacious, well-lit, sunny courtyard. The Marchi’s enlightened legacy still endures here through serenity, literature and art.


Nobility meets untamed nature

Contrasting with the hotel’s legacy of progress and enlightenment is the island’s untouched and unspoiled nature, such as the beautiful Maslinica cove, or the island’s themed trails. Šolta, and the surrounding islands feel as if they have been preserved in amber, offering guests a glimpse into their rich history.

Šolta though, known as the cyclist’s paradise, remains one of the most untouched places in Dalmatia and is full of its own beautiful surprises, such as the island’s hidden, completely private coves and secret beaches known only to the locals. And just as the island’s traditions and nature contrasts the Martinis Marchi’s enlightened legacy, so does the island’s cuisine presented in the seaside restaurant, showcase the alluring simplicity of Dalmatian cuisine.


Rich simplicity

Entering Martinis Marchi is the start of a sensory journey, where tranquillity and privacy of a unique castle hotel, domestic recipes from the seaside Mediterranean-inspired restaurant, and impeccable 5-star service in the awarded marina create a perfect gathering spot for a completely indulgent holiday.

This unique place, striking an aromatic chord with the rich simplicity and calmness of both a historical and modern background, surrounded by beautiful nature, is ideal for family holidays, dream weddings, refined business and private events, or a favourable yachting destination.


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