Vestibul Palace Hotel

The place that the emperor Diocletian built for himself



Built by the Emperor Diocletian

A vestibule is an entrance, a door, a passage. In the historic Diocletian’s Palace the vestibule is a passage to a story.

Your story, your adventure, your tale, told amid temples, columns, and marble arches belonging to 1700 year old palace the Roman Emperor Diocletian built for himself.


Imperial beauty

During the Diocletian’s reign, the vestibule served as the entrance to his and his family’s imperial quarters. Today, hotel Vestibul Palace occupies these very quarters, providing guests with the services, amenities and experiences worthy of an emperor and his entourage.


Feel like the Emperor

Vestibul Palace offers a uniquely elegant and historical experience. Occupy the present and the past, while living like Diocletian, dinning on modern interpretations of ancient recipes, taken from the famed Roman cookbook, the Apicius, browsing the literary history of Split and Dalmatia, as Diocletian once did, surrounded by stone Roman era walls, in the Emperor’s Library. Learn the full story of Split on guided, expert tours of the palace complex, where legionnaires, senators, concubines and emperors once defended, conspired, lived and loved. Wander through the world’s best preserved Roman ruins, stopping in the cafes, restaurants and boutiques that make Split a living monument.


From antiquity to now

Near Split, there are countless new stories and new experiences to add to your story. Experience all the features of Split’s archipelago and nearby islands, like the agave lace that has been uniquely made by Benedictine nuns in Hvar for centuries.

Make a passage through time to the antique sites of Salona, Elaphusa and Issa – Solin, Brač and Vis, and explore the natural beauty and rich historical legacy of ancient Split, Diocletian’s Palace and its surroundings. Or spend the morning among fishermen and in the evening, under the light of the summer stars, on the roof of the vestibule, dine on the fish that you caught that morning.


Timeless surroundings

Let Vestibul Palace be the passage to your story in the palace the Emperor Diocletian built for himself.